Selena is as important as Lilith - The Black Moon, because they are of the same origin: both hypothetical, karma, connection with Moon... Selena represents positive karma and light forces, the sign of Selena in a chart represents a special talent. In short, Selena rules and Lilith sucks.

The cycle of Selena lasts for seven years. This period is needed for Selena to move through the circle of the zodiac. Astrologers still argue about the nature of this astrological point, which should express a man's possibility to leave the time circle of karma and enter the eternity, the eternal world of the spirit. They argue which points of interaction of the Sun, the Moon, and the Earth express and how they express Selena. Nevertheless they agree about the seven years cycle. The positions they indicate also reveal only slight differences.

Selena, the White Moon, has three levels of expression in the human life.