ascendant palette virgo KopieSome similarities with the characteristics of the Moon in Gemini will be obvious in this placing, in as much as the individual will be extremely talkative when nervous or challenged. If anything, however, there will be even greater resources of nervous energy. If this is positively expressed, the individual will have a great deal of practical ability and, because of some extremely quick responses to situations, will be in a good position to keep abreast or ahead of competitors. Worry and a lack of self-confidence may well be present, and because the worry springs from the deepest instinctive level, the subject can develop rather mysterious stomach upsets or digestive problems without realizing what has caused them. Unconscious concern over a problem will probably be the root cause, affecting the subject in a physical way before he or she is consciously aware of what is wrong. Children with this placing will all too often become ill and have very severe, and indeed real, "schoolitis" when there are problems (perhaps an unsympathetic teacher may be the cause?). You will be fundamentally rational, but this extremely practical approach and your instincts do not always marry. Your reactions are very quick indeed, which is a great asset, as are the characteristic reliability a great measure of common sense and considerable helpfulness.

Literary talent is often present with this placing, and should not be ignored - it is here that any creativity shown in other areas of the chart may be expressed. There is also a critical streak and, especially if the Moon receives a square aspect from Mercury, a tendency to gossip. More positively, because of the sharp reflexes (usually expressed verbally as well as in practical action) there is talent and an incisive quality in debate; in any kind of argument the individual can stand very firmly on her own two feet.