ascendant palette taurus KopieAccording to tradition, the influence of the Moon is particularly powerful in this sign, because it is exalted. Bear this in mind when reaching conclusions about the interpretation of the Moon in Taurus. A secure background to life is needed by Sun sign Taureans, both materially and emotionally, and those with this placing will respond very quickly and defensively when their background is threatened. Even if they are not particularly concerned with building up a good bank balance, or rely too heavily on their partner for support, their instinct will be to spring into action when in difficulties, and do everything in their power to ensure that their world is kept intact.

The conservatism and conventionality of Taurus may well clash with other areas of your chart. Self absorption will definitely be seen, and an independent, freedom-loving person can suddenly make a complete about-face. lf a strict adherence to convention is indicated elsewhere in the chart (e.g. a Capricorn Sun or Ascendant sign) the characteristics of this placing will blend into the personality, and the instinctive responses will not be a source of conflict.

The emergence of possessiveness, the worst Taurean fault, may need countering, but this will be hard to do. Practicality will be considerable, and a common sense approach to life will be a great asset, especialiy if a certain adventurousness is indicated by other planetary positions. The stubbornness common to this sign will be present, but again this may only be an immediate reaction, with flexibility present on other levels. If there is a preponderance of fixed signs, bloody-mindedness and getting in a rut can become on-going problems.

The Taurean love of good food and living, and a need to surround the self with beautiful, comfortable objects, may be apparent. Since the Moon is related to the health, it is necessary for you to realize that - especially when under stress - you are likely to indulge in chocolate bars and other comfort food. Weight gain can be the result. The throat, too, is rather vulnerable: this area of your body may easily react to stress or general infection.