ascendant palette scorpio KopieThe emotional energy resources, which are strong when the Sun or Ascendant Sign is Scorpio, are in some ways even more potent with a Scorpion Moon. They will surface at once when the individual is challenged, and the response to all kinds of situations is influenced in an extremely powerful way. Because the feelings are so instantly on tap, the subject can overreact when provoked; all kinds of reactions, both positive and negative. will be laced with vivid emotion. There may be outbursts which will surprise those confronted with them, since other areas of the personality usually present a very different sort of person.

Not only emotional but also physical energy is boosted by this placing, which adds determination and the instinctive urge to achieve. The subject can also encourage others (particularly loved ones) to achieve more. Laziness in a child, ifor instance, will be denounced by the Moon-in-Scorpio parent, and in the end the child will be bullied into action. There may also be a tendency to show a certain harsh reaction such as taking an extreme line in the discussion of the treatment of ciminals. Here, the immediate response of the Moon will home in on the cruel streak of Scorpio.

It is very important indeed that the subject realises how many situations in life will prompt his instinctive response of jealousy. Rather as the individual with a Taurean Moon will react possessively ancl regret it, so the subject with the Moon in Scorpio may well loathe expressing any form of jcalousy, but will simply not be able to help it. Again, it is the powerful influence of the Moon encouraging an immediate response and reaction. It will not be easy for the individual to control this negative trait, and the feelings will most certainly be heartfelt. An awareness that jealousy can be easily aroused, however, is essential, and will help the subject to cope with it. This will also enable the partner to fully understand the reaction of the loved one, ancl if you, as the astrologer, can explain this both to his or her partner, you will be fulfilling your role very well indeed. If these extremely, powerful sources of emotional energy and intuition can be channelled in positive directions, there will be great inner strength and resourcefulness.

Without a doubt, your ability to probe the emotional depths is keenly intense. While others ignore their emotional shadows, you know that you must embrace yours, and your penetrating gaze conveys your awareness to anyone who dares to look into your eyes. You may have always been fascinated by or curious about concepts that "polite" society considers taboo: death, birth, sex, pain, power, and anything easily denied or swept under the carpet. You know that life is a transformational experience, and you accept these realities, because when you do not, they haunt your dreams.

In many ways, you are the natural psychologist and healer, ever probing the depths of human consciousness, ever curious about what lies beneath the surface. Never satisfied with a shallow relationship - whether with a lover, friend, or family member - you sense the unspoken and would just as soon deal with it. But you're not so keen on anyone else knowing all of your secrets! When your feelings grow too intense, you can stuff them into that hidden place which is filled with all your doubt, shame and guilt. Then, to avoid being found out, you can erect barriers which keep everyone else out of your inner sanctum. Although this protects your vulnerability, it can be the source of monumental frustration when you want to let someone inside, or when you need the intimacy and closeness.

You possess a secret weapon: If you're willing, you can be reborn. Before it's all said and done, you'll realize that rebirths have occured over and over again; it's the only way you can get to the core of yourself. Much like the caterpillar's metaphorphosis, your life is filled with phenomenal changes. You know all the emotions, from despair to ecstasy. Yet, you'll probably always want to be sure you have that cocoon handy - just in case. You boast many creative talents, and it can be hard to pin you down to one hobby in particular. You usually have several projects on the go at any one time, plus a host of outside interests to occupy your active mind. If your hobbies involve the co-ordination of both mind and body, then all the better.