ascendant palette sagittarius KopiePeople with this placing will respond in a very, positive, optimistic and enthusiastic way to circunstances (especially those that are challenging), for the sheer enjoyment and need of challenge is quintessentially Sagittarian. They give the impression that they will not dither around or bother too rnuch with the pros and cons of a situation. In face, they not very good at recognizing srnall details or problems, and will tend to ignore them when they are pointed out by others.

The urge to move forward physically and intellectually is very strong - impatience when waiting in trafflc jams, for instance, is common! These individuals will enjoy feeling that their intellect is being stretched, but can sometimes give the irnpression of knowing and understanding much more than is really the case. Hope and optimism run high, until other more sober elements of the personality take over (if they are present elsewhere in the birth chart). Balance is needed if the individual is not to incline towards bluster, with blind optimism clouding common sense. Nevertheless, he or she has general keenness and enthusiasm, and is the complete reverse of the "wet blanket"!

A tendency to be off-hand is a fault that often emerges with this piacing, however. "See if I care" is the sort of statement that is characteristic of the Moon in Sagittarius, usually, fbllowed by a turn and toss of the head, with the individual already thinking of something, or someone, else. Sagittarian restlessness will almost inevitably be present, and must be countered, or recognized at the very least. There is marvellous potential, especially intellectually, and it is up to the individual to develop a consistency of effort by fully using other areas of her personality. She must aim to calm her reactiors even though these are positive, so that the Sagittarian sage-like qualities and the subject's own sound, possibly even unique philosophy of life can be used to their full and best advantage. Digestive problems and liverishness can affect the health, as those with this placing like to enjoy food which is a iittle too rich fbr their systems.