ascendant palette pisces KopieThis placing of the Moon shows the coming together of two forces that are extremely highly charged. The emotional content of Pisces is powerfuI, and when the Moon falls in this sign, the responses to all situations will also be emotional. This is not the type of emotion found, for instance, in fiery Aries: it is a very different force, discharged through very different channels and for different reasons.

The individual is easily rnoved, whether to great happiness or sadness. He or she may be moved to tears by a piece of music that rings nostalgic bells or affected in an above-average way when scenes of disasters flash on to the television screen. The response will be to do something kind and charitable, perhaps sending hard-earned cash to aid those in distress, even to the point of self-denial. If creativity is shown in other areas of the chart, this placing will add sensitivity and imagination to the way in which it is expressed. However, the Moon in this sign may weaken the character, encouraging the subject to take the line of least resistance, especially when challenged. As a result, there will be a tendency to tell lies and to be very deceptive - not only towards others but to the self as well. When the subject does deceive others, her excuse will be that lies are less hurtful than the truth, and those lies will be told with an astonishing spontaneity. Parents with children who have this placing must be kind and understanding, but very firm indeed, in making their offspring realize that truthfulness is essential.

A warning should be given to the subject that. like those with a Piscean Sun sign or Ascendant, she may react adversely to medically administered drugs. When under stress, she must be strong enough to resist the extra cigarette or drink. Giving way to any form of negative escapism can become a habit that is hard to break.

The positive, caring, sacrificial qualities of this placing will contribute much if the individual has a sense of vocation. They are also valuable traits if she is invoived in any of the caring professions, since the subiect will have an understanding of those needing help, and an ability to give a favourable and sympathetic impression to anyone who is underprivileged.