ascendant palette libra KopieA reputation for bestowing tact and natural diplomacy on the subject accompanies this placing. Here is the peacemaker of the zodiac. There is an immediate response to, and ability to identify with, other people's problems and points of view. This is excellent, but unless strong signs such as Capricorn or Leo are emphasized elsewhere in the chart, or there are indications of the ability to rationalize and detach the self from showing the emotions, the placing can iead to indecision or in some cases may even weaken the character. Its strength lies in the individual's immediate sympathy and very natural understanding. Kindness is complemented by a willingness to listen to people who have problems, encouraging them to relax and calm down.

Decide for yourself just how much practical, active help your subject would be in a crisis - remembering that the natural reaction is to remain calm rather than join in the fray, and that the tendency to panic is low on the list of characteristic responses to such situations. Do not forget that the polar, or opposite. sign of Libra is Aries, which will encourage a slighdy aggressive tendency in the subject. For example , he can provoke an argument when annoyed, and the Libran Sun sign cry of "It isn't fair!" wlll definitely be heard. Loved ones will usually be called upon to reassure the subject that nothing is seriously wrong and all is well. The Libran identification with balance and harmony is also present, and a need to put matters right, and make amends if necessary will be an immediate and natural response when there are problems with partners, friends or colleagues.

Bringing out the best in others is a most positive charactcristic of this placing. It can be especially strong when the subject meets someone for the first time. She will make strangers feel immediately at ease, partly because she herself is usually relaxed. However, do look for sources of tension or nervous apprehension in other areas of the Birth Chart. There is an immediate charm which is extremely beguiling, and it is often possible to identify those with this placing because the speech tends to be slow and drawling - something that can also occur witha Libran Sun or Mercury sign.