ascendant palette leo KopieThe immediate instinct of those with the Moon in Leo is to take over. While there is an active and happy enthusiasm, and a need to express emotions in a positive way, it is all too easy for people with this placing to appear bossy, dogmatic and stubborn. But at best they can be an excellent source of inspiration to others, with the ability to get the most out of them - pack leaders who enjoy the role!

Their belief that they can do anything as well or better than anyone else is a mixed blessing. While they will inevitably find plenty of outlets for all their potential (indicated by the characteristics of the Sun sign) and will achieve their aspirations (indicated by the Midheaven), they can tend to overstep the mark and become somewhat overwhelming. If shyness or a lack of self-assurance is shown in other areas of the chart, there will be a conflict which will result in the subject covering up the inhibited areas by showing off, perhaps even feigning extroversion and confidence in a way that can be embarrassing for loved ones. If you are working on the chart of a child with this placing it will be necessary to encourage the parents to steady the youngster's natural exuberance, which at its best is lovely but can become bombastic.

There is a special need to make the right impression, especially when these people are young, and as a result a great many of them will learn the hard way. In spite of this, there is determination and a sense of immediacy which is much in their favour. They will cope extremely well in any emergency that arises, for the powers of leadership and organizational ability attributed to the Sun sign Leo are always present and will be called upon and expressed at iust a moment 's notice. The emotional forces are strong and the intuition and imagination powerfuI. These can be expressed creatively through any art form sympathetic to the Sun sign. The tendency to show off, at any age, must be countered by other less extrovert indications in the chart. This is a placing that needs a steadying hand, not only elsewhere in the chart, but also from those with influence over the subject. Even so, this placing is very often found in the charts of big achievers, especiallly vhen the Moon is near the Midheaven or situated in the tenth house.