ascendant palette gemini KopieA very quick verbal response to situations is characteristic of those who have the Moon in Gemini. You will, especially when young, often express yourself in such a flurry of uords that they can sometimes tumble out in an incoherent muddle. The versatility of Gemini is present , and will be seen particularly vhen you are confionted with several tasks. Rather than consciously deciding on a particuler order of preference or importance, the tendency will be to start all of them at the same time.

Our emotional responses are powerfully influenced by the Moon, so there can be conflict, when a contrary instinct to rationalize argues with emotion and intuition. You must come to terms with the fact that intuition and objective rationalism must merge and flow positively. The Geminian tendency of not entirely trusting the emotions lvill be apparent and, because we are dealing with the Moon, the traits will not be far from the surface when you are challenged.

The natural instinct to speak up will be very strong. For example , you will rush to telephone the local radio station in order to join in a discussion on a topic in which you have an interest or firm views. Indeed, this is one of the planetary placings that indicates a chatterbox! A certain inrpatience and restlessness will also be obvious. While you may well be aware of this and do much to counter it, nevertheless it is to your advantage to realize that your resources of nervous energy are very high and must not be allorved to stagnate . This is where difficulties can be encountered, especially if other areas of the chart suggest a much slower, more stolid personality.

In theory. there should be the ability to get the best of both worlds, with the Gemini Moon adding a natural quickness of response and the heavier traits contributing stability and patience. Good aspects between the Moon and other personal planets will help, and there could well be a positive or negative link as a result of Mercury's influence.

Sometimes nervous strain and pressure can lead to periods of tension, and digestive problems may be one of the results. In certain cases because of the Gemini connection with the lungs, asthma (again as a result of tension or worry) may be a problem.