ascendant palette capricorn KopieThere is a very cool, calm reaction to situations for individuals with this placing, and the emotional responses are rather low, or at least very much under control. There can also be a tendency to aloofness which gives the imprcssion that these people want, for reasons of their own, to distance themselves from other (sometimes, in their eyes, lesser) mortals. However, the marvelously off-beat Capricorn sense of humour surfaces very spontaneously and does much to soften this unfortunate impression.

The urge to fulfil aspirations and ambitions is considerable, and if this need is supported by practical and intellectual flair (shown in other areas of the birth chart), there will be considerable ability to achieve those aims, with success being being the eventual reward.

The Capricorn tendency to moan will be evident, as will lunar moodiness, and sometimes the subject's immediate reaction to a situation w.ill be negative. This may be due to a lack of confidence (especially if the Moon makes a square or opposition aspect to Saturn, or the weaknesss shows up in other areas of the chart). In this case, someone close to the individual must always attempt to inspire her by encouraging her to think positively about her ambitions and aspirations, which will no doubt be formidable. If the negative attitude is immovable, the subject will tend to live safely but unadventurously. There is also an inner desire to impress other people, and a sense of pride, making the subject unwilling to accept help when it is offered. This is because it could be considered charity, and so acceptance may be seen as a sign of weakness.

When the Moon is working in a positive way for the subject (with trine aspects to lively Mars, Saturn, the Ascendant, Sun or chart ruler), this placing will work extremely well. All the strong, practicai qualities (including common sense, determination. ambition and the ability to enjoy the good things of life, will then be used at a moment's notice, and to full advantage. There is a natural tendency to self-preservation and usually only well-calculated risks will be taken.