ascendant palette cancer KopieThe Moon is always the third most important factor of a birth chart, but because it rules Cancer, its influence is considerably increased when placed in this sign. The well-known natural defensive system which is such a prominant characteristic of those with a Cancerian Sun sign, will be equally - if not rnore powerfully - present. Defensiveness will be the immediate reaction, not only when you are challenged but also in less threatening situations.

The emotional and intuitive levels are second to none, and those with this placing should learn to trust and rely on them - your instincts will not let you down. However. it is important that you look for other practical down-to-earth indications in the chart, so that these marvellous facilities can be controlled and not allowed to dominate in a negative way. The Sun or Mercury in an earth sign, fbr instance, or perhaps a trine aspcct to Saturn from the Moon itself, should be of enormous help. Such a stabilizing influence is necessary because, in addition to a powerful intuition, there is plenty of imagination that, triggered in a negative way, can be expressed through worry.

When worried, you will tend to think that the very worst has happened. You may not necessarily have a depressive outlook, but apprehension over loved ones can cause these powerful responses to build up out of control. For instance, if a child is unexpectedly late home from school, you will soon imagine there has been a serious accident. Nevertheless, both sexes tend to make excellent and loving parents.

From a physical point of view, the digestive system will be upset by worry, and it is frequently the case that those with this placing have very sensitive skins, whatever their ethnic colouring. Caucasians will quickly turn beetroot-red in the sun while the other races will find it difficult to get rid of even quite minor scar tissue. Protection fiom the sun, and additional care over cuts, insect bites and so on, is absolutely essential.

The past is a frequent subject fbr reflection and nostalgia, and your childhood background may be allowed to dominate your outlook on Iife. Coming to terms with the attitude and treatment received from parents, whether that was beneficial or difficult, may take longer than for other Moon sign placings. The family instincts are very powerful indeed, and these people (like those with a Cancerian Sun) often have to face problems when their children have grown up and want to leave home. Such an occurrence runs contrary to much that is of instinctive and genetic importance to them. At such times, they will have to call upon other, more forward-looking, areas of their charts to help them through any period of emotional and physical readjustment that is needed. The Cancerian tendency to hoard is another strong instinct for the subject with this placing. As a result, clearing out the resultant clutter can be a chore that is avoided at all costs, perhaps because hoarding such items adds to your much-needed sense of security.

There may be quick changes of mood, which can frequently be disconcerting for loved ones to witness. Women with this placing may suffer in an above-average way from pre-menstrual tension, but should try hard not to let it dominate their lives. The face is usually round, with a quite literal moon-like shape and glow to it. When the Moon is placed in Cancer, no matter what its house, it can influence the individual's facial expression: a tiny frown-line may appear between the eyebrows.