ascendant palette aries KopieReactions are extremely quick, and you will respond emotionaly (and sometimes rather too drastically) to issues that arouse passionate feelings. There is much that is positive in this placing, and very little chance that you will allow any grass to grow under your feet. You also have a strongly instinctive need for action, that sometimes results in too much haste.

A very quick temper can be a problem if the Moon receives negative aspects from Mars or Uranus. In this case, the emotional energy level is very strong and needs to be channelled in positive directions.

You may be accident prone, because in dangerous situations, or at times when brave, sudden action is required, you may respond by risking life and limb. It is a good thing, therefore, for you to learn life-saving, rescue and first-aid techniques. An advanced driving course is another good idea, as those with this placing like to drive very fast, and while your reactions to danger are excellent, your driving can become rather aggressive when you are angry.

If impulsive tendencies can be controlled, you will be marvellously decisive, and have an excellent broad grasp of most situations. The placing bestows a need for independence and the ability to encourage others to do things for themselves.

Sexually, you are an excellent partner, but as in other spheres of your life, you can become easily bored, so you need to experiment and be adventurous. There is a need for patience, especially when dealing with those who are slower than yourself. Selfishness, the worst Arian fault, will emerge when you are challenged in personal matters: you will instinctively put yourself first. However, once other levels of your personality take over, you may regret what you have said or done, and make amends in the manner of your Sun or rising sign.