ascendant palette aquarius 800Those with this placing are magnetically attractive, yet send out signals suggesting they are cool and distant, and don't want the rest of us to come too close. This is their immediate reaction, and it is only when we break through this brittle, bright but somewhat frosty barrier that we actually experience the characteristics of the Sun, and eventually the Ascendant sign. It is as if, in some ways, the subject is on the defensive, and wants to appear enigmatic and mysterious. The flow of emotion is very controlled, although if anyone needs help the subject will immediately respond and want to do as much as possible, just like his or her Aquarius Sun sign cousins. The subject's reasons for helping will be severely practical, and he will at once see a way through any difficulties that may cloud the issue for the person in trouble.

The unpredictability of Aquarius will be seen when the subject is confronted with any aspect of life that could be considered controversial. His reaction rnay be totally unexpected, and quite different from what was anticipated. Similarly, the subject may take an unexpected line of action, on the spur of the moment, that is completely out of character with other areas of his personality. In retrospect, he may well have problems attempting to justify this to himself. Anything glamorous will strongly appeal to the subject who, interestingly, also has a romantic streak. However, this is detached, and the way emotions are expressed, especially in love (as opposed to strong feelings relating to worldly issues) must be assessed from the positions of Venus and Mars, and their strength in the chart as a whole .

Originality and often a spark of genius are present. Sudden bright ideas should be acted upon and carried through to completion. If stubbornness is shown in the positions and aspects of the other planets, it could become a serious problem, for it will not blend happily with a tendency to unpredictability. Nervous tension can also cause problem, the likelihood of which will be affected by the influence of Uranus in the birth chart. The humanitarian qualities of Aquarius, linked with kindness, will be very evident and contribute much that is positive in the subject.