Moon in the Horoscope

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The moon's position in the horoscope represents those aspects of human behaviour that depend upon automatic responses, whether they be the familiar motions of driving a car or irrational stimulus-response based on past experiences which the individual cannot consciously remember. The moon will have influenced the attitudes you absorbed in childhood. It's position will affect your homelife in adulthood, and it is thus the key to understanding your relationship with your family, and how you build your life. When interpreting the influence of the Moon and its sign position, remember that the subject will intuitively and instinctively react and respond to all situations in rhe manner of that sign. The Moon indicates those attributes we inherit from our parents and from earlier generations. We may recognize these, but if we find them inhibiting and undesirable, we often have difficulty in coming to terms with them. However, awareness of these basic reactions is very helpful, and will contribute a great deal to our psychological development and eventual wholeness. The flow of the Moon's qualities is greatly assisted by positive aspects between it and the Sun and/or ruling planet of the chart: they are strongly supported by a trine or, to a lesser extent a sextile, between the Moon and the planet ruling the sign the Moon occupies. Negative aspects are usually obstructive, while a conjunction adds great strength to the Moon's sign and house position.

IN WATER SIGN: Highly sensitive, moody IN AIR SIGN: Cool and detached IN FIRE SIGN: Able to express feelings IN EARTH SIGN: You find self-expression rather more challenging.