ascendant palette virgo 800Lilith in Virgo shatters and shades objectivity and lets person express criticism at wrong places perhaps. You simply don't want to commit yourself. Other people may get confused by you, because this confusing positionrol of the instincts will not be the main problem. Harmonious relationships will have to be done together with a choice of value. These will be defined, according to life's experiences: success and failures. The person will have to learn how to feel not guilty and to keep self-confidence. Keywords: limitations in work are hard to bear – health problems (bowels) – sexuality and decease or sexuality and work are bound frustration – curiosity – marginality – hard obligations – emotional and psychic instability – sexual repression – tidiness, duty, hygiene, health, diet obsessions – trial asking for a purification – fussiness produces paradoxes in almost all areas of life. You perhaps tend hopelessly between commitment and autonomy urge, between social contacts and retreat. On the other hand, psychological and analytic abilities are extremely strong, and your intuition beats everything. Unfortunately the possibility exists that you are not conscious about your abilities, or that you don't want to admit them. Here is the problem to trust on oneself and on life. There is a trauma in relation with the notion of confidence. The person has difficulties in building his own individuality because he tends to compare himself to the others, to merge into the others. To protect himself he may freeze and give a vision of egoism. Daily life, daily constraints are difficult to live. The person tries to incarnate what he is feeling that because he needs to calm down his anxiety and to reach the concrete security he can't find. In front of choices he is anxious. He would like to decide, leaning on reason and clear vision, but he has to leave to intuition and destiny the choice. The choices may be painful because the direction is not the desired one but it is the most reasonable one. The person may have been stopped in his former choice. All the life goes through changes he will have to learn how to live and "digest"; otherwise he will be ill. Crises are often related to the disease that purifies. It affects the bowels. Diseases are purification and refuge for the things the person does not want to live. The fear of a failure reinforces the inhibition of the sign. Inferiority feeling, doubts, scrupulously honesty, extreme logic... all may put the person in a self-accusation mode. Irrational fears, phobias, hypochondria, to be not tidy or to be too orderly-sometimes to the pathological meticulousness- are some of the aspects of the Black Moon in Virgo. Pisces – opposite to Virgo – sets the answer to all the problems. Pisces contains all the instincts the person has inside him. The key, the solution is in the depth of his unconsciousness. 2 ways for building the personality: Permanent control of the instincts as soon as these are lived on a conscious mode. The house where Virgo has its cups will describe the place where the work will be done: negative tendencies to correct gifts to develop. When all opportunities of the sign and the house will have been used, the daily choices will be easier and the anxiety will be reduced. Use of intuition and inner information to learn how to let go rationality. The constant fear will reduce. The trap with this configuration is either to refuse the own intuition because reason is disturbed, or to take refuge in the dual personality of the Pisces because reality is not the expected one. Unconsciousness disturbs consciousness permanently in the daily life. On a positive way, the person may have therapeutic knowledge – plants that heal and diets. Also the person may be a self-employed craftsman. In the past lives, the soul lived in a context where it was impossible to trust the others. His daily life was conducted with a suspicious behavior. He was forced to protect himself. Today a strange feeling of a danger may occur each time the person is tempted to trust somebody and to give up. The problem stays in the unconsciousness. The person can't trust anybody but it is his main lesson today: he has to learn again confidence and this will change his life. If Lilith is between 0° and 2° of Virgo, the choices in life will be very important and the anxiety of a wrong choice will always be there. The person will have to be not torn by life, but will think to all the opportunities which occur and to the gifts he has inside him in order to take the good decisions. If Lilith is between 28° and 30°00 of Virgo, the personality will be already built and will have to learn how to stand in front of others or the spouse.