ascendant palette taurus 800Lilith in Taurus gives extraordinary love for the beauty and big emotional activity. You look for your security needs in a relationship, contacting others by flirting. With gifts and properties others can attract you, and probably you achieve material security in a partnership. But you maybe get disturbed by the material dependence then, and your emotional harmony turns out of the balance. Lilith's position here is related to greed either with the material/emotional level or with food. Here we have posessiveness. It is very difficult to change our habits, to free us from our roots. Life will force us to break our environment. We will have emotional problems because we will not have the love reassurance we need. Our life will go on through uprooting either leaving the place we love or separations with persons we love. If the undergone trials are too rough, suicide is not far. At the beginning of life, the person may have not been happy as – often – a brother or a sister was preferred. The person has turned in on himself and has mostly forgotten all his infancy's memories. Taurus is known for his tendency to keep turning over his problems on an introspective mode, before solving them. He keeps silence on what is worrying him. Here, Black Moon increases inhibition, obstinacy and introversion of the sign. Difficulties to express sensuality or hyper-sensuality, strong jealousy. Sensual feelings are in the same timed very strong and repulsed. The person has to work on himself to learn how to let go. He must go over his fears of change, his fears of the unknown, his fears to be dispossessed of his ownership(love and materials). Also the person's interest for money is not clear: desire and refusal of money. Sometimes he is fascinated by the power of money or he renounces to the material. Often financial problems occur. All the abilities of the Taurus must be awaken, as the sign has a powerful capital he must show and develop: artistic potential, to create a company, to take care of uprooted persons, financial talents, interests for nature. With Scorpio opposite to Taurus, there will be confrontations when the Taurus dreams of peace. Permanent hard life conditions in an inharmonious environment when he does not want to move. Of course he will do his best to calm down the game and to find back again the peace he needs, but this will be very, very difficult. Also, he will have to pass the passion in love. In the past lives, the soul may have done a bad use of sexual energy. Today, the soul has to become reconciled with sensuality. On a material point of view, she has to accept to possess, then to lose, with the understanding that all of this is part of his inner transformations. If Lilith is between 0) and 2° of Taurus, the choices of life are very important: it is essential to have a deep reflection, to be well integrated in reality and to have impulsivity under control, in order to build a harmonious life, either in its love part or in the financial field. The person is free to choose, according to his potential and the opportunities he has to adapt himself. The different fields may be lived successively along the life, through Lilith cycles (changes happen every 9 years). If Lilith is between 28° and 30°00 of Taurus, there is a past karmic potential which must be achieved (love relationships for instance), before being able to express the other sides of the personality. Keywords : possessiveness – jealousy – inhibition – obstinacy.