ascendant palette scorpio 800Lilith in Scorpio may let you be enticed by sexual attractions easily, whereby you subordinate yourself to a more powerful partner or in reverse, or it comes to a mutually making the most of power. In this position thech stage asks for a renunciation, a sacrifice, a deprivation, for the death of something(or someone). Keywords: great interest for enigmas, mysteries, death, for the beyond Very important sexuality which may be transcended through esotericism passionate power – temptation – frustration – material ambition – fantasy – suicidal impulses – magnetism – acute lucidity – transformation or initiation – fascination – nightmares – surpassing of oneself – financial problems – rebirth – for a woman: the vamp, the witch. danger exists that you don't recognize these powers at all, the own or those of the others. You have to deal with setbacks, accidents and symbolic as well as real deaths, although there are usually opportunities to avoid it before any danger appears. You are maybe addicted to dangers because you want to exceed borders. Possibly you had to make experiences with death in the childhood, but can see the death as an inevitable part of the life due to your large psychological regeneration ability now. It is a strong position activating desires, passions and extreme reactions. Question which are related to life and death wake up either compelling attractions or distress. A very deep mutation of the being must be done on an unconscious level through his life. Rigor, sobriety, deprivation in all life's field is like death of one's part. When trials are too heavy, the person may chose death, or tries to suicide. Progressions through different levels, different trials, progressions through beloved persons death, are the person's program. The authoritarian potential is very strong here. There is also a background of violence, sexuality, and destruction where the person must not fall. Here the danger is to reverse the situation against himself when violence can't be exerted on others. Links to death are very important. Death fascinates. Sometimes the person may chose to snatch people from death (being a physician doctor, for instance). He also may receive messages from dead persons. But if his Lilith is not well aspected, the person has to be very careful with spiritualism, as lemurs may incorporate his body and drive him crazy. In Scorpio, Black Moon gives the opportunity to always restart with energy. If disease is here, it regenerates,especially when Sun is conjunct to Black Moon. The creativity potential is important: to be an analyst, to practice hypnosis, to handle money. In any case the person as to be honest. The person will always be unable to control the evolution of the house whose cusp is in Scorpio. He will have to accept the events as they come, and will do his best in living them while hoping coming better days. Taurus opposite Scorpio will force the person to hang on to life in order to reach the harmonious life he is dreaming of. This desire will calm down his passionate tendency. Inner roots must not be destroyed like the Scorpio would do. Love of live must be respected and preserved. Life's values must be understood. In past lives, the soul might have commanded armies, might have been a warrior. Also she might have been soaked in magic and occultism, but not in a good way : rituals, secret practices, initiations where sexuality and religion were mixed and bound to physical or psychic power. The soul might have either lived them with passion or endured them. The environment was destructive causing deep injuries to the soul with buried traumas bound to death, blood, money power and sexuality. She might have free instincts that had either destroyed people or herself. In this life person may be fascinated by this strange world of power, magic, and sexuality as he knows he has something more to learn about himself. He may be using occultism for help in his metamorphosis. Sexuality is part of the lessons. He must be careful with its use together with the use of power under the pain of getting new trials. If Lilith is at the very beginning of Scorpio, the person must change of way. If he does not, he will be stopped. The process will take place many times in his life, and each change will be drastic and will generate distress. The person will have to find an action field and organize his life on good basis. If Lilith is at the very end of Scorpio, the person will have to open himself to new horizons. Each step in his evolution will depend on the way he has evolved during the previous one. He cannot plan.