ascendant palette sagittarius 800Lilith in Sagittarius surely confronts you with the temptations of education journeys. If there is something to learn somewhere, you are quickly at place and you won't leave out a single opportunity to travel. Your contact to fellow beings is, due to your knowledge and psychological understanding, rather missionary and manipulative, but always with well-meaning intention. You are popular in a certain way because you try to apply diplomacy and fairness. At all your optimism and all the generosity you spread out, it could come to the situation that other people take advantage of you, or that you misjudge fellow beings.Here Lilith feels different from others. The way people perceive him gives to the person the feel to be not well understood. Most of the time, the person underestimates himself and suffers from a lack of self-confidence. Due to this, it may happen that he will accept challenges just to prove that he can do it. The person would like to look as the other person are, and is worried by any gossip about himself. Sagittarius is known as a sociable and conformist sign. Here Lilith asks "to be or not to be". Black Moon may either be attracted by an artificial role to play or to reject everything bound to a social image. As the Sagittarius can't live without ideals, Lilith here forces to the quest for these. But the person has to find his own belief as despite a strong call for spirituality, he does not often agree with the religions or social ideals being already set up. The person will have to evolve through his own experiences and to create his own view of things as the time goes on. He will seek his truth and ideals for life in the Sagittarian potentials. Gemini opposite Sagittarius will force the person to have a concrete life, to have various experiences, to express all his multi-faceted personality. Gemini will not allow Sagittarian Lilith to escape in dreams. The person must build a united personality. Though there is here a strong desire to exercise a moral authority over people, Gemini will not allow the person to use this power unless it is in a disinterested aim. In the past lives, the soul had already lived in a spiritual environment. She might have exercised a religious authority at a very high level. Deceptions or betrayals were the source of ordeals she had to undergo. The soul keeps in memory traumas of disappointed ideals, religiosity for which she had dearly paid. In this life person has an inner work to do about faith. Actually he may be born in an atheistic environment and he will have to find alone his way to spirituality. Or, he may be born in a group having dogmas he will have to reject and to free him from inculcated beliefs. Whatever the context, the person will have his destiny directed to spirituality, as Sagittarius can't live without ideals. Another point: Sagittarian Lilith may be attracted or repulsed by everything bound to previous (sometimes endured) experiences linked up to faraway countries, journeys, exile, racism. On a positive mode, the person may love to travel, to discover new horizons. It happens that he may find a place where he feels in deep affinities with, probably a place where he lived in the past. If Black Moon is at the very beginning of Sagittarius, the person will look for a broadening of his activity field and his creativity in order to open himself to new horizons. If Black Moon is at the end of Sagittarius, ideals of life will have to be defined at the beginning of life and then materialized along the life, with the help of the lived experiences. Keywords: difficulties to guide others, to blossom oneself – search for the absolute through a teaching, a religion, a philosophy, a spirituality – limits, borders, laws are denied – spiritual quest – nightmares – accidents – anarchism – difficulties with strangers or during travels – feels different – must take his independence and be opened to higher consciousness.