ascendant palette libra 800Lilith in Libra makes fair, diplomatically and harmony-striving. You like to flirt and manipulate your fellow beings with well-meaning intention. You permanently go into and break or let break partnerships, because you vary between commitment and thirst for autonomy. The cause could be that you don't want to admit your wrong conceptions about fellow beings, or you don't want to see their real characters. Surely also belongs to it, that you may consider yourself completely different, contrary to the others, or that you are simply misjudged. You are of wisdom and intuition, as well as psychological ability and music love, but you may not have knowledge about it all. You wish to receive emotional loyalty from your life partner, and you want to be accepted emotionally. Probably you have very high requirements in partnerships and wish well working interpersonal relations to yourself. Here is the difficulty to place oneself in relation to the others, to find the way – behavior – and the true word in each relation. On a relationship point of view, Libra means harmony. Equilibrium between oneself and the other(s) must be found. To accept the other without denying oneself. The notion of the couple – association – has an important value, which lessons are conciliation, comprehension, and defense. There will be a lot of problems regarding the couple or the associations. Though the person needs harmony in his life and wants to set peace in his relationships – often to the detriment of himself – the other(s) decides for him. In the same time, the person can't assert himself and can't live without the other(s). He often sees the partners as invaders of his private world but can't organize his contacts with them. These lacks of self-confidence, of trust force him to let be impressed and to suffer. Even if one feels unhappy, shirking confrontation is not a good idea. On the other hand, to protect oneself, one can react with violence, impulsiveness at an inopportune moment. There is no place for own will, the others will being stronger. The person will have to endure trials as other people will not allow him to have a self-expression, or will oppose to him, even if he deeply knows he is right and the others are wrong. And yet he must keep self-confidence and simply accept the others as they are. To give without interested motives, to be subjected to others desires, to put own desires aside. here are some of the lessons the person will have to learn before he will have the opportunity to express his own will. Moreover, Black Moon in Libra may develop a pathological indecisiveness: the person might never take a decision. Therefore, he will have to clarify his positions and to affirm them without ambiguity under pain of creating awkward situations. As his life's choices are taken at an unconscious level, the person can't explain them and does not bear to be forced to wait and to be patient. He is forced to sacrifice some values, to keep just the essential. The air signs tend to mental emotions. Because she loves peace, the Libra pays attention to be not submerged by its emotions. With Lilith here, Librans tend to refuge in indifference and insensitivity. The danger here is to stay in an ivory tower. Aries opposite Libra will force to solve the problems. The ego has to find his place between the others. Paralyzed at the beginning, the person must find the happy medium in his relationship if he wants to express himself. Every 9 years cycle, an other kind of relationship starts which may proceed through changes in life, allowing a better self-expression. So, the ego that was very much debated at the beginning, will gradually assert itself. Even if he dreams of an "other world " the person has to live on a day-to-day basis, what he is offered, and has to always maintain the stability. Equilibrium between being patient, respecting, co-operating with other people and his timidity and sensitiveness. The person might have artistic abilities to be used or develop a job where the spirit of conciliation is required. Personal expression will always be related to human relationship. In the past lives, the soul might have misused the social power she had and was unjust. On the other hand she might have suffered of injustice. There is here a trauma bound to equity and social position. The soul might have chosen between rebellion and submission. In this life person may be forced to endure situations which will lead him to clarify his position, to take sides or to refuse the social power. He also may have a karmic debt with justice or endure an injustice that will make him change. If Lilith is a the very beginning of Libra, the person as to find his way himself, to learn how to be with the others without underestimate himself, but in co-operating with them as equals. In these cases, associations will be of utmost importance. They must not be on a dominant/dominated basis. If Lilith is at the very end of Libra, changes occur in life either on an inner or on an outer mode. Venus position and the house where Black Moon is, will help to understand the process and the probable results. There will be renunciations, self-sacrifices the person has not to live as frustrations, but as necessary detachments for his evolution. Keywords: difficulties in unions, associations and meetings – tendency to refuse social conventions – egoism – magnetism – frustration -snobbishness – unsatisfied desires – great power on others – health problems (nephritis) – widowhood.