ascendant palette leo 800Power, influence, and supremacy: Lilith emphasizes these in Leo. The person has to solve something regarding domination. Here is an ambiguity: fascination together with rejection of what is noble, luxurious and sumptuous. Because he likes them, the person needs to exert his influence on those who are around. He also feels with his heart those he loves and it gives to him the "inner knowledge of the things and the beings". He knows intuitively which way they have to follow and he wants to force them to take it. But things do not work, as he wants. Authoritarian on a paternalistic and kindly mode, the person has to learn how to let the others living and sometimes – leaving... He has a thirst of power that he will never satisfy, as he would like, because there is an absolute impossibility for him to dictate to others. He will have to learn how to forget his own desires and his ego must be dissolved. The person may shine forth without being at the first place. The temptation of the personality cult is never far. The trap would be to exert anyway one's authority under the cover of great traditional or pioneer principles. He may be the center of a group, admired or idolized by the members. On the other hand the person may fight for ideas he does not apply in his own life, because he does not want to restrain himself and he wants to protect his ego. He may also feel an excessive need for intense pleasure, passion and power he will never satisfy. The instinctive power of self assertion comes back after every failure and each time the temptation to have again the same behavior is there. The person must control and restrain his instinctive strength. Aquarius – opposite to Leo – will impose to the person long-term objectives, will force to think, to calculate the consequences of actions, to cast doubt over his instinctive mode of action, to plan his behavior, to be conscious. Also there is an artistic potential to develop on another way. The person may be a teacher. In the past lives, the person might have exerted a power, sometimes at a high level. He also might have been an artist. Abusive power or crushing inferiority. Whatever was the contest, the soul has kept today an imprint which may feel her guilty when she is confronted to similar situations. She may aspire after power to the detriment of everything or she may fight against those who are despotic. If Lilith is between 0° and 2° of Leo, there is a rebirth, a new personality is born. But the movement can't be accelerated. The person goes through periods of fears where things are instinctively held (see Mars position on the Chart). Then he lives periods where he frees himself from past. If Lilith is between 28° and 30°00 of Leo, the person will try to use his influence through the word, to pass on his knowledge with the help of the Leo's innate authority, together with his try to adapt himself to other people and to reality. He has to find a new direction for his gifts in order to transform them and to serve the other people. Keywords : ambition – sexuality – cold will – megalomania – great-vitality – arrogance – success is often here but with trials in creativity and love affairs – heart and eyes are fragile.