ascendant palette gemini 800Lilith in Gemini usually causes a strive for independence, particularly in intellectual areas. Perhaps you dedicate yourself to the beautiful literary arts or work in the public relations area. You have a diplomatic and psychological feeling and can entertain your fellow beings very well. Probably you tend to be superficial and your objectivity is limited sometimes, because you can get enticed and bounded by ideas easily. You possibly like to change your fellow beings, especially partners, if possible without their and even sometimes your own knowledge. In this position emotions can be suppressed unnoticed or converted to rationalities. Here we have twins in one person. The first one stays at an unconscious level and is occulted while the second one has a "normal" life. Both are like enemies at the beginning as they interpenetrated and bother each other. The person must integrate the both, even if he is scared by the first and refuses him. This gives different attitudes: one person tries to cheat, to hide the truth to oneself or to others, to mask what one does not want to see: that's a kind of unintentional duplicity. Double faced personality (Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde): the showed face is nice, the hidden face is bad. The person will live his outer personality in order to calm down his anxiety. The link between mind and body is difficult. If the mind is not strong enough, it will identify itself to the body and become too much receptive to the others and to the outer world. The head might be "empty" and the person can't concentrate his attention and can't reflect. This type is easy to manipulate. If the mind is stronger than the body, it has its own life, dissociated from the body : we may have schizophrenia. The person must find a conciliation between material and spirit: it is the duality. To harmonize the masculine (Yang) energy and the feminine (Yin) energy is hard to do. Nervous, anxiety, latent homosexuality, mental eroticism, bad communication, intellectual frustrations... all of these are in relation with Black Moon in Gemini. The thoughts are often ferocious and cold. As there are here several personalities in the same person, the concerned person may not know who he really is and where he is. There are different ways to live this: one person may operate a junction (a mix) between its two personalities, another may wake up the hidden part in order to correct its negative aspects and yet another person may use a new gift if the hidden part is positive. The person has to solve questions bound to communication. This is done through the word, the right one, the search of what is true, authentic, with all the dissatisfaction and the gap between the word itself and the effect. This quest may give either an attraction for the language, the writing or an aversion for the words that never translate exactly what are the feelings, the sensation. The person has a pathological anxiety that is showed through movements or agitation. This anxiety speaks about the person's refusal to be totally incarnated, the difficulty for him to accept the time goes on and to appreciate the instant moment. The person constantly stops the arrival of emotions and feelings to the surface. Sagittarius – opposite to Gemini – will force the person to live many experiences, will increase and multiple contacts, and give to him the permanent opportunity to be confronted to Lilith's problems. The different unknown facets – good and bad – will reach the consciousness in order to be purified – when they are negative – and integrated to the personality. In the past lives, the person might have been betrayed and might have suffered because of inability to communicate. They also might have made either medical or psychic experiences and destroyed others people psyche. They might have done energy manipulations in order to exert a power. In this life creativity is here but will only be used on a positive way. If Lilith is between 0° and 2° of Gemini, the person must leave the secured life where he would like to stay and live many experiences. If Lilith is between 28° and 30°00 of Gemini, the person will have to learn how to concentrate all his energies in order to build his own personality and a coherent life. Keywords: mental isolation – nervous breakdown – sexual duality – dissipation – double personality.