ascendant palette capricorn 800Lilith in Capricorn lets you hardly resist to the temptations of fame, status and power. You could bring yourself into large difficulties, because you misjudge the actual nature of these characteristics, or you don't want to admit them at all. Problems in partnerships are usually resulting therefore in this position. You could tend to change your fellow beings and, in addition, to suppress their inner values completely. You look for autonomy, but perhaps won't necessarily also grant it to others. Here Lilith is very ambitious: material ambition or moral ambition. She wants to have all situations under control, to exercise her power on people or on matters, but she can't. The person must not stiffen, must not be hard to please. He has to accept what life is offering, without becoming embittered because his desires are not satisfied. Lilith is not optimistic and when rough periods occur, she can only see their negative sides. Also she does not accept what she has to live in the emotional field and the desert's periods he has to go through. Inner isolation is frequent as the person tends to build an armors to protect himself. (Think about Simon & Garfunkel's great hit: I am a rock). He has to learn patience and endurance, to leave his "shell", and to just be himself. Sometimes, the person tends to impose on himself duties and constraints while denying any pleasure. His attitude may also be the one of punishment either to the others or to himself (nervous breakdown is not far.). Some people having Lilith in Capricorn are tempted to resign themselves to the fact that nothing expected arrive. Ambition is gone and they do believe to nothing. Some of them choose suicide. A woman may completely dedicate herself to her motherhood and therefore be considered as a castrating mother by her child. Asceticism asked by life may be lived like a kind of death because the person may totally lose his ability to hope. Therefore the person has to stand back in order to see things on a different way. Also he tends to find himself more powerful and superior than does other people. But he can't express this aspect because the social or family contexts do not allow him. Lilith is craving for absolute. If absolute can't be reached, she may destroy it and just stay materialist. As Lilith in Capricorn permanently recharges her capacity to endure, she may also increase her hard and inflexible behavior with others, but on the other hand this helps Lilith to resist to trials. Cancer opposite Capricorn asks to express the feelings that are buried deep inside. Feelings must find their true place. Then the person will be able to exert his authority on a more human mode. Cancer, as water sign, will also act on Capricornian unconsciousness in helping it to express emotions and therefore to easier control them. In past lives the soul might have been a powerful highly placed person who reigned imperiously over people. She might have experimented with rigor, austerity, and deprivation. She also might have known or inflicted hard rules, frustrations around. Miserliness or greed of materiality was her concern. She also had to manage true problems bound to survey. In this life person tends to internalize his thoughts to favor reflection with sometime an excessive self-control. The person is brought back to the people's level (as an ordinary man/woman.) in order to better understand the others. This lesson will help him to be a better ruler in a next life. If Lilith is at the very beginning of Capricorn, it will be of a great importance for the person to find as much as possible a way corresponding to his ideals. He also may be deprived of something he wants to do and then will have to adapt to what is arriving. If Lilith is at the very end of Capricorn, the person will have to discover, to create, and to be ready for new unknown spiritual or physical horizons. Keywords: instincts repression – tendency to arrogance, sterility, snobbishness, coldness – silence – permanence – depression – long trials – isolation – ambition – widowhood – frustration – sadism – deprivation – In a feminine natal chart Lilith is castrating and very authoritarian – End of life often hard to live for non broad-minded persons.