ascendant palette cancer 800Lilith in Cancer urges person to create domestic and family peace. You like to meet many people in your home in order to have expanded meals with them, whereby you take part in discussions very emotionally and with psychological knowledge. In family matters you are inclined not to recognize things or situations correctly, or you don't want to admit situations and circumstances because you get enticed by unrealistic opinions very easily. Here Black Moon asks the question about the relation to the mother. It has a karmic sound and is bound to the evolution. The mother may have been known in a past life or The mother is "unknown" but the Soul has chosen this mother for its evolution. Whatever the present mother may represent, give – or not give – will be very important. May she be absent (gone – too busy – dead) or be an overbearing and protective mother, all the awareness will be in relation with the idea of family and dependency. The person is ambivalent in his way to love as he deeply needs a mother and, in the same time, he refuses to be absorbed by her. For the person, to love is already a dependency. The evolution will be done through the emotional plan: "Family I do love you! Family how I hate you!" To be part of the tribe or to refuse the family history, to be oneself a mother or a father, to found or not found a family : all of these are examples of the fear regarding the family with Lilith in Cancer. The person may flee from the dilemma in finding a symbolic family, for instance a community where he can be fed physically and psychically and find a new secured cocoon. In all cases, he must keep his independence, look at his desire or refusal to be part of the family, to find back his origins, even if he feels rejected by the group. With Lilith in Cancer there is a particular place in the family history to be taken by the person. The imagination specific to the sign has to be directed with the tendency to distort reality and therefore to suffer about this. At the beginning of his life, the person has not the sweet secured home he dreamed of. He may either have difficulties in his own home, or be unable to have one, or be unable to keep the one he has. The others force to accept things he does not want. Despite all the problems, the person wants to protect those he loves, to preserve innocent lives, to assume his family duties. The fear to have not done the maximum may become distress. The person remains faithful to some principles and is scared of the mistakes he may do. The respect of other people lot will always be essential. As he keeps a childish background and can't often go out of secured emotional surroundings by fear of independence, the person's maturity is difficult to reach. He must lean on traditional values and go ahead. Capricorn – opposite to Cancer – will force to a reflection. The deep ties to those who are loved must stay but must not bind. Stability has to be found in relationships, as the person has to lean on his family, to help her without being imprisoned, invaded and destroyed. On a positive way, Lilith in Cancer gives the gift to probe the depths of people unconsciousness in order to understand their emotional problems, among which some have their origin in childhood. One can either build a home for children who are not its own, or be a teacher, or protect familial properties, or build its own properties, manage a family business or create one. In the past lives, the person might have lived in a self-centered atmosphere, or in a cocoon, afraid of the outside. In fact, the soul had suffered either from an excess or a lack of protection. On the other hand, the soul might have neglected his family, specially the children. If Lilith is between 0° and 2° of Cancer, the unity of the personality built at the end of Gemini will help to build a social or a family unit, or will help to integrate a social or religious unit that must be chosen very carefully. What is started is very important. The person has to let himself to be guided by the unconscious forces he has inside him. That is the way to become a person responsible of his own action and being able to manage his own future. The changes in life will be difficult to do, as they depend on own will and the fear to deceive may completely paralyze the decisions. If Lilith is between 28° and 30°00 of Cancer, the person has "to be born to himself" for an independent life. The awakening of consciousness is done here. Keywords: karmic debts with the family members – sometimes rejection of the childhood or the family (exile) – rejection of vulnerability, of femininity – sentimentally – sexual repression – fantasy – temptation – posessiveness – fertility difficulties (sometimes abortion) – authoritarian and castrating mother – absent or dead mother – nutrition problems.