ascendant palette aries 800Lilith in Aries often causes an extreme strive for autonomy, leading to problems in partnerships, because you are very interested in partnerships. Perhaps you are changing restlessly possible life partners without committing yourself, because there is always anything wrong with them. With flirts you are courageously, quickly and also successfully, possibly tending to one nite stands. Partnerships and sexual matters can be of uncertainty. You are fair, fighting for justice and peace. Due to the impulsiveness and the spontaneity inherent to the sign, we find here violence. In Aries, Lilith speaks about past violent experiences. The person in present life may be – scared or interested in blood and weapons. Aries means: action – impulse – creative surge. With Lilith in Aries have a problem bound to "begin something". To start or not to start, that is the dilemma. Craving for independence and liberty is part of the evolution and includes awareness. Fears to be put in chains, fetters, and freedom at any price all of these are questions, which cause irrational and brusque decisions. This may also generate the absolute pleasure for disobedience itself, the joy to free oneself from interdict. Here the soul is going to react very strongly to the power, to the law, to the authority, to the command. The person may feel in the same time the desire and the fear to be a leader.

The unconsciousness keeps in memory past bad experiences linked to authority and command. Ambivalence of the today behavior: suppressed aggressiveness or no self-control. The soul has a passionate background to control through its life and an emotional instability to resolve. The person is very egocentric but can't assert his ego, as he would like, because, while he wants to command everything without paying attention to other people, life does not allow him to do so. Life forces the person to limit his ego in being subjected to other people will or to another will (partner – spouse). The self-will may be so crushed, that the person may not trust at all in himself. The relation "Me-The others" will be bad: one person can go ahead with roughness: "Me, I...", another can be worried by indecisiveness or the problem of assertion depends on the gender: a man may not be enough virile; a woman may not be able to assert herself because she is a woman. So the place they both dream of, will be left to other people. At the beginning the person has an unused creativity power inside himself that troubles him because, at first sight, there are no ways to use it. Life will help the person to learn how to use his power on a non-impulsive way, with discernment and without attempting to other people freedom.

The person will also learn how to be conducted by the events, how to accept them and to adapt himself to the circumstances. He can be forced to "fight" alone, to give up the idea of an easy life, of the social and affective situation he dreamed of. The person must place his power in the service of other people. He may suffer because he is giving and sacrificing his own ego, but one day, he will give without sufferings. Libra "others will" – opposite to Aries "own will" – will help the person to be confronted with the power of other people or the society. Black Moon will not allow him to live the negative aspects of Aries: The others will force him to accept their will and therefore will force him to give up, The person will not be able to do what he wants. The only things he can do are to pave the way, to open the doors and to wait. The others of the destiny will decide in place of him. What the person starts, may fail. What he starts by accident, may succeed. If Lilith is between 0° and 2° of Aries, the person is forced to assume himself without the satisfaction of his own desires. If Lilith is between 28° and 30°00 of Aries, the person will have to stabilize (Taurus) his vital personal surge (Aries) in order to find a field where he will act and realize. In past lives, the persons having Lilith in Aries, might have been gladiators, guerrillas, mercenaries, revolutionaries, people who used the force for their freedom of action. Keywords: emotional instability – independence – sensuality – defiance – fighting spirit – passionate tendencies.