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The following table shows the zodiac names in Latin, with their English translation and the individuals' names. It also shows the element and quality associated with each sign. The starting and ending dates of the sun sign are approximate, as they may differ from one year to another (by a day or so), due to the fact that the earth's orbit around the sun is not synchronous with earth's rotation (one year does not comprehend a whole number of days). The exact date and time of sign entrance/exit (which is corresponded to the 12 "mid-climates" within Chinese lunisolar calendar) must be obtained with appropriate software or with the help of an ephemeris.

 Capricorn The Goat  Capricorn  The Mountain Sea-Goat  Earth  Cardinal  Negative  Saturn  Winter Solstice - the day before Great Cold (December 22)
aquarius Aquarius The Water-Bearer Air Fixed Positive Uranus (Saturn) Great Cold - the day before Vernal Showers (January 20)
Pisces The Fish Pisces The Fish Water Mutable Negative Neptune (Jupiter) Vernal Showers - the day before Vernal Equinox (February 19)
Aries The Ram Aries The Ram Fire Cardinal Positive Mars Vernal Equinox - the day before Corn Rain (March 21)
 Taurus The Bull  Taurus The Bull Earth Fixed Negative Venus Corn Rain - the day before Corn Forms (April 20)
Gemini The Twins Gemini The Twins Air Mutable Positive Mercury Corn Forms - the day before Summer Solstice (May 21)
Cancer The Crab Cancer The Crab Water Cardinal Negative Moon Summer Solstice - the day before Great Heat (June 21)
Leo The Lion Leo The Lion Fire Fixed Positive Sun Great Heat - the day before End of Heat (July 23)
Virgo The Virgin Virgo The Maiden Earth Mutable Negative Mercury End of Heat - the day before Autumnal Equinox (August 23)
Libra The Scales Libra The Scales Air Cardinal Positive Venus Autumnal Equinox - the day before First Frost (September 23)
Scorpio The Scorpion Scorpio The Scorpion Water Fixed Negative Pluto (Mars) First Frost - the day before Light Snow (October 23)
Sagittarius The Archer Sagittarius The Archer Fire Mutable Positive Jupiter Light Snow - the day before Winter Solstice (November 23)