planets huyaHuya is a Plutino discovered in 2000 by Venezuelan astronomers. They proposed the name Huya (Juya with a little accent on the 'a') after the rain god of the Wayuu Indians who live on the arid Guajira Peninsula of northern Venezuela and Colombia. Juya was god of rain; a warrior, hunter, seducer and inhabitant of "the place beyond the Sun." The lack of water is the biggest problem on the Guajira Peninsula and the locals hoped that Juya, god of the rains now recognized the world over, would perform the miracle of water. There is a second mythological Huya, an Egyptian underworld entity. Based on this mythology, some associate Huya with rites, rituals and offerings to the dead, an association I've witnessed personally in client work. "The Egyptians saw Huya as an underworld deity and great care was taken to offer her food and water in the tombs so she would not be forgotten," Philip Sedgwick wrote in the Galactic Times at the time of the naming. According to the "Tour Egypt" web site, Huya, or Yuya, was the steward of Queen Tiyi, the queen mother and wife of Amenhotep III. However, the intentional naming properties all appear to be associated with the Venezuelan version of the myth. It is interesting that Huya has two entirely different mythologies, a hint that in delineation, she may represent a point in the chart were there are two different expressions, both of which are true.