planets deucalionA planet called Deucalion (provisional name 1999 HU11, catalogue number 53311), who in mythology was the Greeks' version of Noah (the son of Prometheus and the husband of Pyrrha), was discovered in 1999. Basically, this may be where the flood story in the Bible comes from; it's like it was lifted from British TV for American TV, you can barely tell the difference except the characters have weird accents and eat different brands of cereal. Deucalion is a Cubewano with an orbit of 296 years. [The Cubewanos get their name from the first discovery in their class, 1992 QB1 (say it out loud), which for some mysterious reason persists in not having a name. I imagine its provisional designation will stick more or less perpetually.] Phil Sedgwick proposes that Deucalion relates to "understanding the flow (tides of life), manifestation ability, magical, resourceful, and seeing the talent in everyone." I would say: we call it 'magic', but it's really nature. We call it nature, but it has a 'magical' quality to it. In its more difficult manifestations, he proposes that it's about, "Feeling overwhelmed, not able to tread water (keep up with life), being financially irresponsible, and feeling the burden of humanity." He includes "ceremonies of manifestation, spiritual exercises using images of bounty and harvest, runes, reading bones" -- in other words, divination and seeking warnings and cautions about the future.