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The first level

A person does not perceive, ignore, or confront the expression of Selena and the guidance of spiritual plans. He either does not feel when Selena is active or receives the reverses of fortune instead of support. This happens due to the process of purification.

The second level

A person starts experiencing Selena's influence. He is able to make use of its inspiration. However, this happens usually on a superficial level, unconsciously, and intuitively. On some levels Selena's expression is still unperceivable.

The third level

A person consciously perceives the spheres of Selena's expression. He makes every effort to disclose its power. At the same time he aims to disclose the guidance of the spirit and the relation to the Creator. Selena inspires and provides him with success and power. His ability to transmit the light of the spirit delivered by Selena gradually covers more and more spheres. This ability becomes conscious and opens the cooperation with the spirit. It also helps to realize one's mission, to leave the karma circle, and enter the eternal world of the spirit. 

ascendant palette pisces 800Lilith in Pisces can produce almost high-grade blurriness and impressingness. Perhaps you go voluntarily in dependence, also separating yourself from everyone and an excessive social activity characterizes you. Possibly you repudiate yourself and don't recognize your internal needs or you don't want allow them to yourself. Fantasy, art sense and inspiration are very strong here. In addition, this position shows the danger to succumb to illusions and surrealities again and again. Possibly the whole life does not appear to you as real, but as virtual. Pisces, the kingdom of dreams, fantasy, sometimes utopia, far away from daily realities, the sign longs for unlimited horizons. Here Lilith activates the quest for infinity. She may be lived like an attraction for escape, flight. The person does not often know whose gifts are his, how to express them. He is afraid of all his unconscious inner forces. He has no control, moreover he has to adapt to daily life. Other people do not often see his inner troubles. The result may be a chronic disease creating a deep weariness that will force to break defenses and lies. Here we also have the medium or channel. It is an ambiguous gift: on a negative point of view, if the person has no mind protection he will be attacked by others negative energies in his unconsciousness, this being mainly seen with a lack of experience. On a positive point of view, the person handles his mediumship and protects himself from others. He has the power to feel the inner part of people, literally to see through their eyes. Here Lilith gives the ability to get information from the akashic memories: inspiration, mystic tendencies, clairvoyance are some of the components of the personality. Hesitation, which is one of Pisces characteristics is showed by a pathological indecisiveness and is one of the problems the person will have to solve on the condition he gets rid of his fantasies, fears or people's domination. Virgo opposite Pisces will force the person to "go back" on earth and its daily reality. The earth sign will help to control, to analyze all the "data" the Pisces obtain, to separate fears, emotions, dreams from what is true and can be used in life. In past lives, the soul might have lived in a context where she was imposed to abandon her own desires, as Pisces also means sacrifice. The soul keeps the memory of a sacrificial behavior that led her to the ruin. It might as well be possible that the soul had lived in a spiritualism environment or was a clairvoyant, both having caused shocks and lack of equilibrium. In this life person tends to escape when the situation appears difficult instead of confronting it. The sleep may become a refuge as well as imagination. In a very serious cases we find mental diseases in people born under this position. As this parallel universe fascinates him, the person has the opportunity to express his gift in a work bound to psychiatry, psychology, nervous diseases, researches on drugs, coma. If Lilith is at the very beginning of Pisces, the person has a great intuitive and perceptive ability. This will help him to guide, to teach others, to have a moral or religious authority. If Lilith is at the very end of Pisces, the person has to clearly define what he wants to live and has to learn independence. This work will be done step by step, each new period starting with Black Moon's transit on its natal position (around 9 years cycle). Keywords: risk of a real or symbolic imprisonment – tendencies to health problems, to use drugs to escape from reality – search for a "wonderland" – bewitching magnetism – many love affairs – psychic troubles – meeting of pseudo guides – tendencies to nightmares, insomnia – prophecy gift – aura of mystery – wrong spiritual choices – illegality – in a feminine chart shows the glamorous woman.

ascendant palette capricorn 800Lilith in Capricorn lets you hardly resist to the temptations of fame, status and power. You could bring yourself into large difficulties, because you misjudge the actual nature of these characteristics, or you don't want to admit them at all. Problems in partnerships are usually resulting therefore in this position. You could tend to change your fellow beings and, in addition, to suppress their inner values completely. You look for autonomy, but perhaps won't necessarily also grant it to others. Here Lilith is very ambitious: material ambition or moral ambition. She wants to have all situations under control, to exercise her power on people or on matters, but she can't. The person must not stiffen, must not be hard to please. He has to accept what life is offering, without becoming embittered because his desires are not satisfied. Lilith is not optimistic and when rough periods occur, she can only see their negative sides. Also she does not accept what she has to live in the emotional field and the desert's periods he has to go through. Inner isolation is frequent as the person tends to build an armors to protect himself. (Think about Simon & Garfunkel's great hit: I am a rock). He has to learn patience and endurance, to leave his "shell", and to just be himself. Sometimes, the person tends to impose on himself duties and constraints while denying any pleasure. His attitude may also be the one of punishment either to the others or to himself (nervous breakdown is not far.). Some people having Lilith in Capricorn are tempted to resign themselves to the fact that nothing expected arrive. Ambition is gone and they do believe to nothing. Some of them choose suicide. A woman may completely dedicate herself to her motherhood and therefore be considered as a castrating mother by her child. Asceticism asked by life may be lived like a kind of death because the person may totally lose his ability to hope. Therefore the person has to stand back in order to see things on a different way. Also he tends to find himself more powerful and superior than does other people. But he can't express this aspect because the social or family contexts do not allow him. Lilith is craving for absolute. If absolute can't be reached, she may destroy it and just stay materialist. As Lilith in Capricorn permanently recharges her capacity to endure, she may also increase her hard and inflexible behavior with others, but on the other hand this helps Lilith to resist to trials. Cancer opposite Capricorn asks to express the feelings that are buried deep inside. Feelings must find their true place. Then the person will be able to exert his authority on a more human mode. Cancer, as water sign, will also act on Capricornian unconsciousness in helping it to express emotions and therefore to easier control them. In past lives the soul might have been a powerful highly placed person who reigned imperiously over people. She might have experimented with rigor, austerity, and deprivation. She also might have known or inflicted hard rules, frustrations around. Miserliness or greed of materiality was her concern. She also had to manage true problems bound to survey. In this life person tends to internalize his thoughts to favor reflection with sometime an excessive self-control. The person is brought back to the people's level (as an ordinary man/woman.) in order to better understand the others. This lesson will help him to be a better ruler in a next life. If Lilith is at the very beginning of Capricorn, it will be of a great importance for the person to find as much as possible a way corresponding to his ideals. He also may be deprived of something he wants to do and then will have to adapt to what is arriving. If Lilith is at the very end of Capricorn, the person will have to discover, to create, and to be ready for new unknown spiritual or physical horizons. Keywords: instincts repression – tendency to arrogance, sterility, snobbishness, coldness – silence – permanence – depression – long trials – isolation – ambition – widowhood – frustration – sadism – deprivation – In a feminine natal chart Lilith is castrating and very authoritarian – End of life often hard to live for non broad-minded persons.

ascendant palette aquarius 800Lilith in Aquarius lets you misjudge your friends easily. Probably you have completely wrong conceptions of them or of what your friends think about you. You strive for autonomy with manipulative methods and psychological tricks, reject all too tight interpersonal relations and consider partnerships and relations rather as friendships. You surely hardly tend to commit yourself, although you want to express any certain inner urge. Your fairness, tolerance, global thinking and humanity are noticeable, and you may argue with degenerated art or queer music styles. Though your intuitively is remarkable, you could tend to a non perception of the mentioned things. Here Lilith is quite intolerant. The person thinks he has the monopoly of truth, which makes him very demanding indeed ruthless. But life will break all his principles. The person would like to live what he has chosen according to his own will, but it will be impossible. There will be limits that can't be crossed and the person will not be allowed to take some directions indeed even to compel the events. Uranus, one of Aquarius masters, is always in hurry and wants everything immediately. Stability is not its main concern. It means that long-term projects will always be shaken up or changed. The person may have to free himself from past life's chains and fight for his independence. There we find an excessive need of liberty and revolutionary instincts, according to a broad-minded vision of the world, indeed even the need of greater spiritual horizons. The person may be forced to take care of close relatives what could be felt as a lack of freedom. The lesson here will be to understand that inner freedom is most important. Changes, moves, betrayals of friends will happen regarding friendship. There is also a big fund of creativity and the chart will indicate in which field this will be expressed. The person may work in humanitarian activities or open his mind to a wider spiritualist vision of things. As the Uranian energy is very powerful, it is very important to have a look at Saturn's location, in order to understand how this will be channeled. If the force is locked or not properly channeled, or used in a too strict and personal way, psychic troubles, nervous paralysis may occur. Leo opposite Aquarius will force to adhere to conservative social structures and to respect them. Also Aquarian Lilith will be forced to "think" with her heart – and not only with her head – to integrate the notion of love in his ideas about humankind. Thereby the person will be able to exercise his influence on a wide unselfish mode. Freedom for everyone and to teach people who inner liberty is the most important one. In past lives, the soul might have been part of group life, in communities, gathered in the same ideals. These contexts might have been freely chosen or imposed. In both cases, the soul was disappointed in her hopes about ideology, solidarity. Her experiences and traumas are bound to her quest of freedom and her beliefs in human-being dignity. In this life person is both attracted and suspicious by "great ideals". He would like to invest himself but he "feels" a danger. Attraction and rejection of ideals, politic, freedom-worship, individuality, is different subjects the person will have to deal with. Too much attached to his freedom, he has an instinctive fear to be – again – trapped whatever the context, the relation, the love are. If Black Moon is at the very beginning of Aquarius, the future is always questioned: permanent improvisation and adaptation required. The person must not be scarred in acting, in finding day after day solutions in order to handle situations, even if he does not clearly see the results. If Black Moon is at the very end of Aquarius, the person must handle his life and decide to win. He will neither be allowed to let his instincts commanding, nor to leave the place because it's too hard, but he will have to manage without imposing his own will. Keywords: great tension – nervousness – betrayals, death of friends – claustrophobia – sexual independence or sexual ambivalence – attraction or rejection of independence – sudden trials – divorce possibility – search of an absolute freedom – accidents – surgery – must learn to express his true personality – must learn to open himself to others – in a feminine chart often indicates a "liberated" women personality – must learn to open himself to others – in a feminine chart often indicates the "liberated" women.

ascendant palette sagittarius 800Lilith in Sagittarius surely confronts you with the temptations of education journeys. If there is something to learn somewhere, you are quickly at place and you won't leave out a single opportunity to travel. Your contact to fellow beings is, due to your knowledge and psychological understanding, rather missionary and manipulative, but always with well-meaning intention. You are popular in a certain way because you try to apply diplomacy and fairness. At all your optimism and all the generosity you spread out, it could come to the situation that other people take advantage of you, or that you misjudge fellow beings.Here Lilith feels different from others. The way people perceive him gives to the person the feel to be not well understood. Most of the time, the person underestimates himself and suffers from a lack of self-confidence. Due to this, it may happen that he will accept challenges just to prove that he can do it. The person would like to look as the other person are, and is worried by any gossip about himself. Sagittarius is known as a sociable and conformist sign. Here Lilith asks "to be or not to be". Black Moon may either be attracted by an artificial role to play or to reject everything bound to a social image. As the Sagittarius can't live without ideals, Lilith here forces to the quest for these. But the person has to find his own belief as despite a strong call for spirituality, he does not often agree with the religions or social ideals being already set up. The person will have to evolve through his own experiences and to create his own view of things as the time goes on. He will seek his truth and ideals for life in the Sagittarian potentials. Gemini opposite Sagittarius will force the person to have a concrete life, to have various experiences, to express all his multi-faceted personality. Gemini will not allow Sagittarian Lilith to escape in dreams. The person must build a united personality. Though there is here a strong desire to exercise a moral authority over people, Gemini will not allow the person to use this power unless it is in a disinterested aim. In the past lives, the soul had already lived in a spiritual environment. She might have exercised a religious authority at a very high level. Deceptions or betrayals were the source of ordeals she had to undergo. The soul keeps in memory traumas of disappointed ideals, religiosity for which she had dearly paid. In this life person has an inner work to do about faith. Actually he may be born in an atheistic environment and he will have to find alone his way to spirituality. Or, he may be born in a group having dogmas he will have to reject and to free him from inculcated beliefs. Whatever the context, the person will have his destiny directed to spirituality, as Sagittarius can't live without ideals. Another point: Sagittarian Lilith may be attracted or repulsed by everything bound to previous (sometimes endured) experiences linked up to faraway countries, journeys, exile, racism. On a positive mode, the person may love to travel, to discover new horizons. It happens that he may find a place where he feels in deep affinities with, probably a place where he lived in the past. If Black Moon is at the very beginning of Sagittarius, the person will look for a broadening of his activity field and his creativity in order to open himself to new horizons. If Black Moon is at the end of Sagittarius, ideals of life will have to be defined at the beginning of life and then materialized along the life, with the help of the lived experiences. Keywords: difficulties to guide others, to blossom oneself – search for the absolute through a teaching, a religion, a philosophy, a spirituality – limits, borders, laws are denied – spiritual quest – nightmares – accidents – anarchism – difficulties with strangers or during travels – feels different – must take his independence and be opened to higher consciousness.